Friday, October 23, 2009

Buggy Nail

The pict isn't so clear. I drew bug pattern on my own nails. I used nail pens to drew it. It only took around 3 minutes to make the pattern and make it dry. My nails are so small, i think small nails isn't a good place to draw to hehee.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Other Mini World

Check this out!

Arees's other Mini World~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gadget Pal

FYI, my cellphone is Nokia N76. I bought it on October 20 2007. She'll reach 3 yrs old, wooow. I really love my N76 very much.

For the first year, my N76 still looks beautiful and shining. At the second years, N76 started looks bad. No more silver, now it's white. The LCD sound cracking, memory low and others.

Then at a time, my lil 3-yrs-old sist hold my N76 at the back seat of my new altis car. Suddenly my car stopped, and my lil sist fell down and cryin. But what i found of my N76 condition? My N76 made around 200 degree. Can you imagine? The LCD was turn back! I was shocked! HAAAAA i scared that my phone would brokedown.

After thet tragedy, my LCD became weak or say it 'letoy' in Indonesian (or Sundanese?). I'm so sad for what happening with my N76.

Last October 4th 2009, my N76 had a troble. She's stuck, she can't be closed. I was really really sad. This is the pict:

I told my mom and dad about this. They wanna buy me a new one (but not N76) but i dont know when. My dad suggested to use his BB but i refused it (and now i regret it :( baaaaad!).

Well, i was tryin to close my N76 but its difficult. Until i forced it. I did it but its make my N76 sick. Until now, shes still sick. Poor me and poor her!