Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm kinda busy with my school so I seldom updating my blogspot blog. I have another blog on tumblr named Mini World~. I just like to post something there because it takes short time and I often reblog somebodys post hehe. So please visit my others Mini World~ and also follow me there.

Another activity that i never missed in each day is posting something on my twitter. I still fell in love with this micro blog since months months ago. You should follow me! hahahaha

Another site activity maybe just blogwalking, looklet-ing, ym! and others as my mood want to.

Tomorrow is Idul Adha. I'll go pray at Nurul Falah mosque near my house with my whole family then qurban. Happy Idul Adha everyone! Happy Qurban!

, Arees

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