Monday, December 14, 2009

Bye Nessi, Welcome Boldy

I've changed my cellphone since last sunday-if i'm not mistaken it was 13 december 2009- from Nokia N76 into Blackberry Bold. In my other post, i told you about how was the condition of my N76, she's sick. Than my Dad offered me the Blackberry bold and i'm refused it. Months passed than my Dad offered me the Bold again and at that time i wasnt refuse it. So now i used the Boldy. I hope he'll be my bestfriend.

my Nessi (NokiaSeventySix)

change into this

Blackberry Bold-Boldy!

By the way, I have used 4 different kinds of cellphone.
The first one, I used Nokia 3200

I used it when i was on 5th grade until 7/8th grade.
After that i moved to Motorola E680

7/8th grade until 10th grade i used this motorola.
10th to 12th i used my Nokia N76. Now i use my boldy doain ya biar langgeng hahaha

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