Saturday, October 23, 2010


Neurta is a friendship night for Neuron 2010 and Aorta 2007. It was held at Cimahi Convention Hall on October 22nd 2010.

Neurta made for a good relationship between aorta and neuron.

This friendship night was made and present by Neuron for our big brothers and sisters Aorta. Neurta is a love sign and a grateful sign from us (Neuron) to Aorta who has given us so many things such experience, knowledge and else.

At that night, Neuron present a drama, poetry reading, sharing session, dinner, live bands, and our guest star, Two Triple O! They really rocked that night with spectacular songs they present. Everybody jumped, danced and sing together. Seems like everybody happy that night.

We hope our good relationship long last till end. Thanks for Neuron! Thanks Aorta! FK Unjani!

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